C'mon into the Creative Cottage!
C'mon in to the Creative Cottage
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From the outside, it's a tiny beach house.

But it's bigger on the inside.

It’s big enough for a library, a reading nook, and all the tea and coffee we might need. Of course, there are kitties everywhere, and an ice cream sundae bar too.

But the most important thing about this Calming Little Cottage? Is that it's a place for us to simply be and to create without the strain that life can sometimes bring.

You can become a Patron of the community too!

If you feel inclined to support me in my Creative journey, you can do so on my Patreon page.

As our community grows, your support can help me to create new and interesting things for all of us to enjoy, but for now - it's simply a way for you to say "Thank you," or, "You can do it" or, "Go have an ice cream, on me."

The key's under the mat and sandy toes are welcome.

Read the Calming Creative Blog to hear about my latest adventures in Creativity and Calmness

I'm working on being kind to myself in the goals that I set, and yet still set goals that push me.

So, I will try to share on my blog at least once a month. Sometimes, I'll write more, and sometimes I might write less - because life is like that.

I'll be writing about all kinds of things related to mental health: from my own diagnoses to managing things like grief and self care as a human.

I love to share the creative work I'm consuming: tv shows, podcasts, books and movies. Anybody else love Schitt's Creek right now?

And, I'll be sharing the stuff I'm creating too: the whole creative process, including planning or deciding to do the things straight up to the excitement of opening night or the satisfaction of hitting the publish button.

Let me know if there is anything else you'd love to talk about! I want this to feel like a conversation between friends.

A group for creative people who need to find a calming home to rest together and be inspired.

Ideally, we could all meet up at a beach-cottage-retreat twice a year, to get to know each other and make fun things.

But that's not something that's easy to create - or show up for.

So, this is what we're going to do for now: a small and casual Facebook group where we can show up and lurk (big-time lurker here), or ask for support when things are hard.

We can even congratulate and highlight each other's achievements too. High fives are encouraged!

It'll be a successful support group to me if we are all:

  • having fun creating things,
  • proud to share those things with others,
  • excited to invite people to join in,
  • safe to be sad or struggling sometimes, because life is hard,
  • and helping other creative people to feel strong, supported and *OK* with being just okay, sometimes.

If that sounds good to you, c'mon in out and say hi! Bring snacks.

Hi, I'm Katie!

And I'd like to give anxious artists (like me) a place to play, because I believe creativity and self-care go hand in hand - and playfulness is a big part of both of those things, right?

I'm building Calming Creative, because creative life can be really isolating. Pair that with mental health challenges, loss, life changes--now you're isolated and stuck in a creative rut. 

So Calming Creative is a place for me to play and invite other anxious artists of all shapes, sizes, stripes to play with me.

We don't have to be alone, and we don't have to stay stuck in a rut.

No judgment, no shame, no “shoulds”. We meet ourselves right where we are, use our “weaknesses” to find strength, and find joy and community in our practice.

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If you're stuck & feeling alone, know this:

Thing 1: You are NOT alone.

Thing 2: I made a list of tricks that I've used to help me get out of that can't-do-anything-creative rut we all know so well.

Thing 3: You can haz it for freeeee!


Because you never know. They could help you too!

Calming Creative is not a money-making venture for me; I'm not going to follow this up with a 5-step funnel designed to separate you from your dollars. I am building a home for me - and you - and everything I do is to make that something that works for all of us.

Oh! And I promise not to send you spammy nonsense. Just the list (it's cute and printable), and a blog post on occasion, when I've done something I'm quite proud of.

Read my latest articles & posts

And join me on my own calm-ish, creative adventure.

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I promise that I'll do these things...

Calming Creative isn't a Business.

I'm not here to make a profit or develop revenue streams or trick you into buying an expensive online course or e-book.

I write about life as a creative person, trying to find calm in the pursuit of...whatever creative fancy I'm currently pursuing.

I'm hoping to build a community here, that will give you and me a place to feel safe and supported and inspired to make more beautiful and challenging and interesting art.

Read! Join in, and feel free to contact me on any blog post, social media, or in the cottage on Facebook!


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