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Welcome to: The Couch Fort Files

Hey there you! YES, YOU! It’s me, over here!

No, you’re not mistaken. There is a voice coming out of this virtual couch cushion fort, and that voice is ME.

Am I hallucinating or are you peeking out from your virtual fort too? I thought so! Thank effing goodness, because I needed to see a friend.

Hi, Friend!!! I miss you!

If it feels like we’re all going slightly bananas right now, that’s because we are. But I’m here to say that I’m going to put my isolation couch fort to good use.

I cordially invite you to the Couch Fort Files, Spring 2020. Bring your friends…and snacks.

It’s going to be a deep dive into my TBR (to be read) pile; an exploration of the shows I’ve kept waiting on my watchlist, and a film festival of feel-good froth or guilty-pleasure garbage. 

I need stories. And I LOVE sharing with my friends. Plus, I’m a pop-culture junkie, so I was born ready for this moment.

I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that my day job is…not normal right now.

I know I’m not the only one. All of our life purposes and routines are kind of up in the air, at best.

And we all need something to look forward to and take seriously – but not like, scary-virus seriously.

My day job – as a library tech assistant – involves a lot of searching for and recommending of books, movies, tv shows, magazines – and even board games!

Soooooo, I’ve decided to just go ahead and do that for the internet, at large. You’re welcome!

My office is a little squishier, and my co-workers are a LOT fuzzier. But I think I can make it work.

So here’s how I’m going to be a bit too much (you’re shocked, I know) and create some normalcy and rule-ishness for my new job: Chief Consumption Officer of the Creative Work of Others.

This is an important job, and I intend to excel in my new position. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • I’m going to choose 18 books, because that’s how many I checked out on the last day we were allowed in the library.
  • I’m going to choose 3-5 shows to watch, because random rules are okay sometimes. You better believe a freshly-binged review of Fleabag will make an appearance – #hotpriest!
  • I’m going to choose 15 movies, so that I have at least 3 a week to choose from. I’m an over-achiever.

I reserve the right to add, delete or revise any category or item above. That’s that magic when it’s your fort, and you made up your new job, right?

I’ll publish my complete Spring 2020 list in the next few days, so stay tuned.

As you can see, the Couch Fort Files are very serious, and not at all silly.

The Couch-Fort-Ratings System© is likewise not at all arbitrary.

Every book, show, movie, podcast or Lisa Frank sticker collection consumed within the fort – will be tested to a consistent and professional standard.

I’ll rate everything on my personal “like” scale of 1 to 5 stars (format borrowed from Goodreads), how its best consumed (snack, entree, or dessert) and my personal recommendations for you, based on similar work.

Very science. Much important.

Listen. A lot is being asked of us at the moment.

If I hear the word, “unprecedented” one more time, I may lose it. I think we need to let hard things feel silly, and even let silly things feel important right now.

Taking in stories, and talking to other people about the stories that speak to us? That’s an important part of being human.

Disappearing into make-believe worlds can be a tremendous coping mechanism, and finding a way to connect with each other while we hide out in our weird lives right now is ultra important too.

So I’m giving us an order to get cozy in our couch forts and find purpose in that, while we adjust to this new normal.

Now gather some stories you’ve let pile up and climb into our virtual couch fort kingdom (aka the Facebook group I made) to find some gentle purpose and community – and maybe spare change or long-lost cat toys under the cushions, if you’re lucky.

Let’s discover, share, and connect right effing now! Okay? Okay!

Love and cat cuddles,


Katie Meyers

Katie writes, sings and creates her way through life from her home outside of Chicago, with the help and supervision of her two cats. Katie publishes on the Calming Creative website, to create a cozy corner of the internet where creative people like her can get together without judgement or pressure - and calmly create.
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