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Dealing With Overwhelm

My Best Strategies for Creative Self Care in Times of Stress

Talk about an intense couple of weeks. I’m betting many of you are experiencing intense feelings over overwhelm, burnout, helplessness, hopelessness, or exhaustion. You might be surprised (or maybe not surprised) to hear that I’m very used to those feelings lingering in the background of my every day. As an artist and creative who has lived with…

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The No-Steps List for Practicing the Art of You

Maybe it’s just me, but do you ever feel like you see a million lists pop up on your news feeds with “15 Surefire Ways to Find the Most Happiness in Love” and “34 MUST HAVE Beauty Routines to Look Your Best in 2017”? One glance and you feel exhausted / ready to crawl into a blanket cocoon…

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When Overwhelm Strikes

As creative human with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, sheer panic is not unfamiliar to me. A few days into this venture I’m already putting extreme pressure on myself to make this the BEST BLOG EVER instead of letting it exist and come into being organically. I have so many ideas and brainstorms flowing through me right now,…

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