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Facing Your Fears

Break Down Blocks, Step One: Reframe

Approximately one million* times a day, I start a sentence to myself with, “You should’ve ____! Everything will be terrible!” *okay fine it’s closer to 20…but it feels like a million 🙂 Fill in the blank: woken up earlier exercised immediately upon waking up eaten the healthier option lost 30 lbs written 20+ blog posts…

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1 Thing To Tell Yourself When You Feel Stuck

“I can’t do this.” I think that every. single. day. This isn’t a post on how to get rid of those thoughts. I might have them forever. So I learn how to work through them. When it all feels too big and impossible, my objective is to do one small itsy bitsy teeny tiny thing to…

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Unlearning Lessons: Letting Go

Hey–do you struggle with being unable to let go of old patterns, holding onto the past and feeling afraid of the future? ME TOO! #anxietystruggles Someone dear to me is dealing with a life-threatening illness, and I desperately wish I could take away her fear, just ball it up and throw it into the street where it…

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Getting Internet Shamed and Learning to Love Myself Again (Part 2)

Missed Part 1? Catch up here! Oof! Here’s to learning how to blog while also music directing and performing in a show at the saaaame tiiime. Miss me? If you’re in Chicago, come out and see Surging Films & Theatrics production of Green Day’s American Idiot–it IS a good reason for me not to have…

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