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Loss and Grief

Letting Sadness Be Sad

A friend on Facebook recently shared their sadness at the fact it’s been 9 years since their parent passed away. They wished they could’ve shared all they’d accomplished in the past 9 years with the person they miss so much. My heart broke for them. Comments popped up quickly, and many of them were quick…

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Unedited Thoughts: 3 Months Without You

Time has both crawled and flown since my last post, and I’ve let much artistic work fall by the wayside. That’s alright, it’s part of the grieving process. What I think we’re all afraid of (much of the time, anyway) is sharing something we deem “imperfect”. Today marks 3 months since my mother passed, and…

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When You’re Split in Two: Losing My Mother

On June 25th, 2017, my dear sweet mother and best friend passed away after a year-long battle with a recurrence of breast cancer. She had beat it once in 2011 and she was supposed to beat it again. Though we knew this recurrence wasn’t curable, the possibility of remission was high. But cancer doesn’t play…

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