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Trust Yourself

1 Thing To Tell Yourself When You Feel Stuck

“I can’t do this.” I think that every. single. day. This isn’t a post on how to get rid of those thoughts. I might have them forever. So I learn how to work through them. When it all feels too big and impossible, my objective is to do one small itsy bitsy teeny tiny thing to…

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Performance Challenge: How Far I’ll Go (from Disney’s Moana)

I really hope you enjoy my cover of “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s Moana. When you’re your own toughest critic it’s really hard to actually POST performances online–but my new motto is “Done is better than perfect.” Time to put this out into the world! Thank you to Billy Surges for making this come alive.…

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Create Your Calming Creativity Manifesto

Missed any of my April “Trust Yourself” posts? Not to worry! Catch up below: Week 1: Learn How To Listen To Your Inner Voice Week 2: Why You Should Celebrate Your Journey 5 Years Ago to Now For whatever reason, I’ve felt anxiety dig in its little claws since early this week. It’s always frustrating to have it…

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Why You Should Celebrate Your Journey 5 Years Ago to Now

I think a huge part of learning to trust yourself is celebrating where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. You cannot change where you’ve been, but you can use it to steer you where you’re going. For instance, yesterday I had the immense privilege of attending an afternoon masterclass and evening lecture led by world-renowned composer Eric…

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Learn How To Listen To Your Inner Voice

I am wildly excited to kick off my monthly challenges with April’s theme, “Trust Yourself”. This is a HUGE challenge area for me, which means it’s exactly what I need to dig into here on calming creative. I’m going to start with this key question: Why is it so difficult to trust ourselves and learn to…

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Practicing the Art of You

What makes someone an “artist”? Results? Success? Directing Star Wars? Selling 10 million albums worldwide? Wealth? Fame? I’m here to argue for the following: practicing an art (any art) makes you an artist. Success, fame, and accolades are by-products, not end goals. Have you felt as an artist (or human) that you live in a results-based…

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